Notre actualitéApprenez les langues avec un formateur en ligne

Apprenez les langues avec un formateur en ligne

Nous fournissons des prestations en blended learnings à la demande: toute langue, tous niveaux Vous trouverez plus de détails dans le fichier contenu


Learn the basics of the language with a teacher through video-conferencing


Expressions for greetings and saying bye
Phonetics and intonation
Vocabulary to understand simple requests
Key questions and answers
Grammar in the context of communication

Course detail

Greetings and saying bye
Understand the alphabet and communication in the classroom
Count up to 100
Name common objects
Describe common objects
Countries and nationalities
Ask for and give contact details
The weather
Saying and asking for the time
Express possession
Speak about your family
Speak about your likes and dislikes
Simple interactions in a café or a shop
Food & drink
Places in a town
Locating things and places
Speak about your activities and hobbies
Pedagogy / Methods applied
Based on the communicative approach with a focus on intonation and the language's musicality
Questions and answers games
Practice exercises
Dialogues and role plays
And all within a positive and encouraging atmosphere


At this level (after you have attended the course) you will be able to understand:
Very basic personal, family and job-related language
Enough to meet the needs with slow, clear speech
Short, simple texts on familiar matter
Understand simple sentences and frequently used expressions
Communicate in simple routine tasks on familiar matters.
Describe in simple terms aspects of your background and immediate environment
Phonetics and intonation
Related vocabulary
Key questions and answers
Grammar in the context of communication

Course detail

Talk about things I did or didn’t do in the past

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